Somebody Please Build This: Twitter Reader

I want a way to view/read Twitter like I can articles on Google Reader. Show me the latest updates from all the people I follow in a consolidated list with counts, and rank them from most recent Tweet. Then I can go in, review someone’s Tweets from the last time I checked them, and then mark them read and move on.

Easy enough?

4 thoughts on “Somebody Please Build This: Twitter Reader

  1. megan

    sorry to keep flooding you with comments, but this is a good idea, and easy to do with various free services on the internet and a little thought.

    once you generate the list of URLS to add to Google Reader, you can create an OPML with this – – by pasting in that whole column of completed RSS urls – then import into Google Reader using the Gear Icon – Reader Settings – Import/Export tab.

  2. megan

    You can turn any user’s feeds (sorry it’s not automatic) into an RSS by using the Twitter API

    is me, just replace meggsie with whatever screen names you have.

    or use Twitter Formulists to generate a list of people you follow, paste into Excel and concatenate the URL to the usernames (put people you follow in column b, the partial url (minus my name) above in column a, and then in column c do formula to squish those together =concatenate(a1, b1) to get the full URLs to plug into your subscription part of Google Reader. Shazam!