I generally don’t like writing a bio for myself, but it probably helps to explain things a bit.

I build websites and interactive experiences, along with consulting on everything that goes into the concept, planning, design, development, and launch of a project and working with an interactive team. I’ve worked with organizations of every size over the past 20+ years, helping them get the most out of their websites, online marketing, and interactive experiences.

And I’m also aware that this site is using a pretty default out-of-the-box WordPress theme. Consider it a cobbler’s shoes kind of situation.

My other interests vary greatly. The best way to get a sense of those is to just follow along. Want to know more? Just ask, or follow me on Twitter or on Instagram.

Some other stuff:

  • I most recently worked at Bozell and we built lots and lots of great interactive experiences. Scott Rowe and I ran the Interactive group. They’re still doing that.
  • I used to own Orajen Group until Bozell acquired us on July 1, 2008. I built that company from scratch with Adam Orand, and we had a blast doing it.
  • I have a degree in Printmaking from the University of Nebraska at Omaha.
  • I nearly completed a minor in Computer Science, but decided to say, “Screw it” and start building websites and focus on art instead.
  • I studied art in Antwerp, Belgium under Veerle Rooms at the Karel de Grote Hogeschool.
  • I built my first website in 1994. It was on AOL‘s member pages which don’t exist anymore.
  • That first site was for the band Semisonic. It was their first website ever, and helped me secure the job as their webmaster. They are still a client as is Dan Wilson, Semisonic’s lead singer and Grammy-award-winning songwriter.
  • I’ve been on the Internet since 1992. Gopher. Wais. Usenet. Telnet. FTP. Newsgroups. Email.
  • My first computer was a Commodore Vic-20 and I have fond memories of writing BASIC programs to display graphics on the screen and hacking the word bank on the Hangman program we wrote so that it would use “dirty” words. Most likely, one of those words was, “poop.”
  • I grew up in Omaha, right across the street from Benson Park, which is now just a shell of the expansive, open space that it used to be.
  • I still prefer to spend as much time outdoors as possible which I attribute to having such an amazing open space so close to my childhood home, and lots of great climbing trees in our back yard..
  • I was born in Omaha, NE on November 28.