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Lots of Activity from Google

I’ve been seeing a lot of things with great implications from Google over the past few days. The biggest things of note are their introduction of closed-captioning and auto-captioning across all YouTube videos and the completion of their DocVerse acquisition.

The implications on all of these things are huge. I already posted on Bozell Insights my thoughts about Google’s auto-captioning. With the DocVerse acquisition, we’re bound to see even more functionality come out of Google Docs.

I’ve been using Docs for more and more things simply because it’s simple and I can access the exact same docs from anywhere. My Google Docs account is becoming my remote desktop in a way. I keep a bunch of simple things there simply because I know where they will be.

What I’m impressed with is this whole ecosystem that Google is creating. I feel like they are growing cells, tissues, organs and systems in the labs and then slowly introducing them to us. What we are getting in the end is one whole Frankenstein that’s more like Superman than some bolt-necked monster.

Yeah – I’m a Google fan. But because they do things right in my opinion. They introduce useful things, make it searchable, and make it easy. Plus – it helps that it’s free.

Expect more interesting things to come out of both of these new developments. As Google works to organize the world’s information, we’re willingly giving them more and more of it simply because doing so is so easy, but it also makes our lives and jobs easier, too.